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12,956 miles through July

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WGTC Grand Prix Circuit Rules

The West Georgia Track Club Circuit is aimed at promoting active participation as a community of runners via races, group events, activities, and personal training.  The circuit is designed to encourage individuals of any athletic ability to participate.

The 2019 Circuit Grand Prix is based on participation at Group Runs, volunteering at WGTC events, and participation/age group awards at the above-mentioned races.

Points that are allocated for the pre-selected Circuit Grand Prix races are as following:

5k - AG 1st - 4
5k - AG 2nd -3
5k - AG 3rd - 2
5k - Participant -1

>10k-15k - AG 1st - 6
>10k-15k - AG 2nd - 5
>10k-15k - AG 3rd - 4
>10k-15k - Participant - 3

10k - AG 1st - 5
10k - AG 2nd - 4
10k - AG 3rd - 3
10k - Participant - 2

All Circuit Grand Prix races will offer our active members a discount on race registration. Discount codes will be provided to active members via email once the race registration is published. Be sure to check your membership status at www.runsignup.com so you'll be able to participate throughout the entire year in the 2019 Circuit Grand Prix.

For the Group Runs and the volunteering portion of the 2019 Circuit Grand Prix, you will receive points for your group run attendance, showcasing our apparel and volunteering at WGTC events. You will receive the following points:

Group Run and special events (socials or Member's Night) attendance - 1 POINT
WGTC apparel worn at group run - 1 POINT
WGTC apparel worn at races - 2 POINTS
Volunteering for any WGTC event - 3 POINTS


Awards will be given to the top three men and top three women finishers in the Grand Prix Circuit.